Chelsea v Arsenal: Premier League – live!

Premier League updates from the 7.45pm BST kick-offLive clockwatch! Follow the rest of Wednesday’s actionGet in touch! Send your thoughts to Rob Smyth here“Edu and company almost got away with not fixing holes in the team mid-season but as an Arsenal fan when I saw Partey’s injury I knew we were doomed,” says Zach Neeley. “The biggest area of need wasn’t his position but skill at one spot can balance out lack elsewhere (plus I think his presence is key to better, consistent performances from Xhaka).”Thing is, how do you replace one of the better midfielders in the world? He allowed them to almost cheat by playing 4-1-4-1; without him they were always going to struggle a bit. And then there’s the elephant in the room, or rather than Nou Camp.

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