Édouard Mendy deserves recognition in final knockings of Abramovich era | Jonathan Wilson

FA Cup semi-final shows few goalkeepers are more misunderstood than Chelsea’s under-appreciated Senegal internationalIt must be very strange to be Édouard Mendy, a goalkeeper who seems doomed never quite to be centre stage. And when the spotlight does fall on him, it often feels it’s from a strange angle, that he’s not really appreciated for what he’s best at. Goalkeepers perhaps struggle than other positions to be properly understood, but few seem as misunderstood as the Senegal international.In a very slightly different world, one in which Gianluigi Donnarumma had not made a vastly expensive move and saved crucial penalties in shootouts in the semi-final and final of Euro 2020, Mendy would have won a raft of goalkeeping awards last year. In a very slightly different world, he would have been seen as the hero of Chelsea’s FA Cup semi-final victory over Crystal Palace on Sunday . This could have been his redemption after the error in the first leg that cost Chelsea their Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid.