Jake Daniels must find a balance between being a footballer and a role model | Thomas Hitzlsperger

It is phenomenal to see the support the Blackpool player has had after coming out. Now he needs good people around himI’ve often been asked how long it would take for a current English male professional footballer to come out as gay. Would it be a famous international player? Or someone at the very start of his professional career, such as Jake Daniels, who plays for Blackpool in the Championship? That Jake is the first is a huge step forward, but the fact it’s such big news is also something the media needs to reflect on. We all play a big part in that.My immediate reaction was that he needs support. Because coming out is such a personal decision, a life-changing experience, and you have to understand when is the right moment. For Jake, it’s at the age of 17; for me it was at 31, shortly after retiring.