Vivianne Miedema: ‘I’m staying at Arsenal – but we have to do better’

The Netherlands forward on negotiations with other clubs, her position on the pitch and being more vocal off itAfter months of speculation Vivianne Miedema has signed a new contract with Arsenal despite being able to leave on a free in the summer. Here she explains why …You are an ambitious person but in five seasons at Arsenal you won the league only once and all the big clubs were after you. Why did you decide to stay? I’ve been in talks with several big clubs in Europe, that’s right. From Spain, France, England. I want to be part of a team that is experiencing a certain growth. Five years ago I came to Arsenal because I wanted to help that club move up. Once we won the league and in the past few years we have been close. Last season we were in the running until the last day, but Chelsea won it in the end. I said to Arsenal that we have to develop further and really have to win titles. If not, I’ll have to take another step. I will be 26 in a year so there are still many opportunities. But my focus is now completely on Arsenal.