After yet another comeback the Liga title will soon be Real Madrid’s again | Sid Lowe

To follow PSG and Chelsea, Sevilla were the latest team to suffer from Carlo Ancelotti’s men’s powers of recoveryIn the middle of it all, someone fetched David Alaba a chair. It was late, it had been a long week, his legs were weary and everyone were making a lot of noise, but this seat was not for sitting. This was for celebrating, his thing now, and so he took it and lifted it above his head. Back by popular demand, he emulated what he had done after that absurd comeback against Paris Saint-Germain, a cheer went round the dressing room and his teammates started singing: “That’s the way Madrid win!”They had only gone and done it again, and this time it had taken the title. “It’s just three points, that’s the reality,” Nacho Fernández said standing pitchside when it was all finished bar the shouting, and there was a lot of that, but the reality was that the league was theirs, clinched their way.

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