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Live Koora Mobile Live Scores of Football Games

Live Koora: Live Football Scores

If you are an avid football supporter and would like to check the latest live football scores as well as the latest football news, and the latest table standings, then is the place for you.

Live Koora will provide you with Live Score updated by the second and in line with all the action on the green field. You can get to know what your favourite players and teams are up to. From transfers, to injuries, to gossip about the private lives of players, to title race analysis, Live Koora got you covered!

Football Leagues Coverage at Koora Sport

Take a look below at the most prominent Football Leagues, both in the Middle-East and in the whole world.

Stay Informed about your Favourite team’s results and news through Koora!

Of course, as Koora strives to provide full live score coverage, it also covers the scores of continental leagues like UEFA Champions League, Europa League, CAF Champions League, CAF Confederation Cup, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup, the World Cup obviously and even all the lesser famous leagues from around the world.

Why Choose Live Koora Live Score?

Koora Goal is the number one go-to site for all the football fans out there that want to stay tuned to all the latest live scores, team news, and everything football related.

Here’s why you should choose Live Koora as your source for Football Live Scores:

  • Wide Coverage of All Club and Country Leagues: La Liga? Copa América? You name it, just know that whenever there is a football game, Live Koora covers it.
  • Coverage of Arab Leagues and Competitions: Live Koora covers all Arab Leagues whether it is premier leagues like Saudi Pro League or 1st division and others.
  • Mobile Friendly Live Koora App: For a smoother experience, you download Live Koora App on IOS or Android and easily browse through the scores.
  • Highlights of Every Game: If you missed the game, you can watch the highlights, which show every important incident of the match.
  • Real Time Statistics of Every Game: Live Koora shows the stats of every game as it progresses, be it number of corners, yellow cards, shots on target and many more.
  • Latest Football News: Team or Player News, Personal or Professional news, Live Koora covers it all.
Live Koora On Air League Scores
Live Koora On Air League Scores

What Does Live Koora Offer?


Upcoming Matches

Live Koora reveals to you the upcoming matches throughout the day or week, highlighting the most popular ones.


Live Scores

Get the live scores of live football games of all the leagues whether they are Arab or International, club or country, you will find everything at Live Koora.


Match Results

Display of the results of games that have already been played, in case you missed them and wanted to know how it ended.


News & Updates

Get the latest news and updates on your favourite football teams or players, whether it is regarding their professional career or personal life, Live Koora covers it all.



In case you missed a game and wanted to see the most important incidents that have happened, whether in video or statistics, Live Koora got you covered.


Mobile Integration

Live Koora has an extremely user-friendly mobile app that is available for both Android and IOS users, and it includes all the features of the desktop site, so you can simply download it for a smoother experience.

What Are The Most Famous Leagues Covered by Live Koora?

Take a look below at the most prominent Football Leagues, both in the Middle-East and in the whole world.

ARAB LEAGUES Covered by Live Koora

  • Iraqi Premier League: One of the leagues that Live Koora covers is the Iraqi Premier League. It is the top-level league in Iraqi Football System. It was founded in 1974 and ever since, 20 teams compete to win the title and avoid relegation to the Iraq Division One.
  • Saudi Pro League: Another important Arab League that we cover here at Live Koora is the Saudi Professional League, or SPL in short, some people also call it MBS League, it is the top flight division in Football in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1976. 16 Teams compete for the title.
  • Ligue Professionnelle: It is the Tunisian top football league competition, it is organized by the Tunisian Football Federation. It is a very old league, founded in 1907. 16 teams compete to win.
  • Egyptian Premier League: Also known as WE Egyptian League, after Telecom Egypt started sponsoring it, is the top football division in Egypt. It was founded in 1948. 1
  • Qatar Stars League: Also known as QSL or QNB Stars League because QNB sponsors it. This top football league in Qatar was founded in 1972 where 12 teams are contestants.
  • Kuwait Premier League: Founded in 1961, also called STC Premier League due to sponsorship. In this top flight league, the winner gets the trophy and qualifies for AFC Cup Group Stage.
  • Botola Pro: This is the top division in Moroccan Football. It was founded in 1916. 16 teams compete, and the bottom 2 get relegated to Botola 2.
  • Bahrain Premier League: Founded in 1956, right now, it is known as Nasser Bin Hamad Premier League. 10 teams compete to win the title.
  • UAE Pro League: A.K.A ADNOC Pro League, was founded in 1973 and it is the top professional football competition in the UAE. 14 teams compete.


  • Premier League: The top-flight division in English Football. Only established in 1992, it is no doubt one of the most popular football leagues in the world. 20 teams compete.
  • La Liga: The highest football league in Spain, La Liga was founded in 1929 and very popular among football supporters. 20 teams compete.
  • League 1: Founded in 1930, it is the top division football league in France, and it is also among the most-watched leagues in the world. 20 teams compete.
  • Serie A: The top-flight division in Men’s Italian Football. It was founded in 1898 and also very famous among football fans. 20 teams compete.
  • Bundesliga 1: Founded in 1963, this world-famous league is the top division in German Football. It consists of 18 teams.
  • Süper Lig: This is the top football league in Turkey, it was founded in 1959 and it is also considered popular. 20 teams compete, bottom 4 get relegated to TFF First League.
  • Eredivisie: This is the highest football division in the Netherlands, it was founded in 1956. 18 teams compete.
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