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The Qatar Stars League has gained immense popularity during the last two decades, due to the remarkable development resulting from injecting a lot of money into the Qatari football community. With the increase in the number of professional players, the quality of local players increased, and this resulted in a great progress in the technical level of the clubs participating in the Qatar Stars League.

This development is noticeable by the transfer of great players in the most prominent European clubs to play in the Qatar Stars League, the most prominent examples of which are Xavi Hernandez, Raul Gonzalez, Romario and Batistuta.

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Qatar Stars League History

The Qatari League was launched for the first time in history more than 50 years ago, and the first champion in the history of the Qatar Stars League was Al-Sadd, which managed to win its first title in the 1971/72 season. The seventies witnessed a strong competition between three clubs. In addition to Al-Sadd, which won the first titles, Al-Rayyan FC and Qatar SC succeeded in imposing their presence strongly on the scene in the Qatari League, and each of them won two titles during that decade. Who won his third title in the 1978/1979 season.

Qatar Stars League
Qatar Stars League

The eighties witnessed the continuation of both Al Sadd and Al Rayyan success in winning the Qatar Stars League title, while Qatar Club left the scene and left its place to Al Arabi Club, which succeeded during that decade in winning the Qatari League title twice, but remained behind Al Sadd and Al Rayyan, where the former won the title five times. Three for the second, which made them become the masters of Qatari football since the first two decades of the start of this league competition.

The last decade of the last century witnessed a complete absence of the Qatari football leader, Al Sadd Club, from the podiums in the Qatar Stars League in the nineties, which witnessed the success of its rival Al Rayyan in winning two titles, and also witnessed the birth of two new champions in the Qatari league, the first of which was Al Gharafa Club, which won the title twice. And the second is Al-Wakra Club, which managed to crown the title in the last season before the modern millennium.

The most successful Qatari team at the level of the nineties was Al-Arabi Club, which won the title 5 times during the nineties, to announce itself as a third party in the equation of senior Qatari football.

The first decade of the modern millennium witnessed the return of Al Sadd Club to the right track again, and it faced a fierce competition from Al Gharafa Club during that decade, which ended with the crowning of each of them with the Qatari League title four times, while Al Wakra Club and Qatar Club won the title once.

The 2010/2011 season witnessed the birth of a new giant in the Qatari football, Al Duhail Club, which dominated the Qatar Stars League significantly during the second decade of the modern century. Al Duhail club succeeded in winning the Qatari league title 7 times between 2011 and 2022, which means that the title did not escape from it only on three occasions, where Al Sadd won the title twice during that period, compared to one title for its rival Al Rayyan.

Al Sadd returned during the last two seasons and imposed its control over the Qatari League title, winning the title twice in a row, waiting to be recognized as the champion of this season from the Qatar Stars League.

Qatar Stars League Most Titled Clubs

In more than 50 years of competition, seven clubs have managed to win the Qatar Stars League title at least once in their history. In fact, the least crowned teams in the Qatar League won it twice and not once, as for the most crowned teams, the competition between them is fierce and intense. Who are the seven teams that won the Qatar League title and who is the team that has won the most Qatar Stars League title? Find out about this through the following list of the clubs that have won the most Qatar League titles.

1Al Sadd16
2Al Rayyan8
3Al Arabi7
4Al Gharafa7
5Al Duhail7
7Al Wakrah2
Qatar Stars League Most Titled Clubs

Qatar Stars League All Time Top Scorers

The Qatari league has witnessed the succession of many distinguished generations to play in it, and as a result, the number of distinguished players who have passed through this league is countless, whether they were local Qataris or foreign professionals from the best leagues in the world. With the succession of many great players in the Qatar Stars League, the competition for goals in this league witnessed the presence of many big names who managed to score many goals in several different seasons, which allowed them to enter the list of historical scorers in the Qatari League. Who is the historical top scorer in the Qatar Stars League and who are the most prominent names on the list? They

1Sebastian Soria191
2Baghdad Bounedjah167
3Rodrigo Tabata154
4Younis Mahmoud119
5Nam Tae Hee84
6Youssef Msakni77
7Youssef Al Arabi74
8Hassan Al Haydos73
9Dioko Kalituka70
10Akram Afifi51
Qatar Stars League All Time Top Scorers

Best Qatar Stars League Clubs

The Qatar League witnessed the emergence of many big clubs and their success in imposing stages of domination of the Qatar Stars League. As for Continental, the Qatari clubs have not succeeded in achieving the Asian Champions League title together once, which is considered the biggest achievement at the continental level for the Qatar Stars League clubs. In this paragraph, you will learn about the most prominent Qatari clubs and their most important achievements in the Qatar Stars League, and you will also learn about the only Qatari club that succeeded in winning a continental title.

Al Sadd

Al Sadd
Al Sadd

Al Sadd is considered the leader of Qatari football and the historical champion of the Qatar Stars League since its inception in 1971 until the present day.

Al Sadd club has won the Qatari league title 16 times.

There is no specific period that can be considered the best in the history of Al Sadd club at the level of the Qatar Stars League, as this great team managed to maintain its existence continuously over 50 years of competition.

Al Sadd is the only Qatari club that managed to win the Asian Champions League title, which is the most important continental title in the Asian continent at the club level.

Al Sadd club succeeded in winning the Asian Champions League title in 1989 after winning the final match at the expense of the Iraqi Karkh club.

Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan
Al Rayyan

The second most popular and historical team in the Qatari football is Al Rayyan SC, which has succeeded in achieving the Qatari League title eight times, the last of which was during the 2015/2016 season.

Al Rayyan Club has maintained its presence among the top ranks of the Qatar Stars League since its inception for the first time and the end of the last millennium, which Al Rayyan finished with 7 titles, and was only one title away from Al Sadd.

Al-Rayyan strangely missed the championships after winning the title in the 1994/1995 season, and he did not succeed in winning any title for more than a year before winning his last coronation in 2016.

Al-Rayyan’s absence from the podiums made him move away from competing with Al-Sadd for the title of historical champion in Qatar Stars League, but it will always remain one of the most important clubs in the Qatar Stars League.

Al Arabi
Al Arabi

Al Arabi

The third pole in Qatari football is Al Arabi Club, which is considered the third largest Qatari club in terms of fan base, as this club enjoys a large fan base throughout the country.

Al-Arabi club appeared for the first time on the podiums in the Qatari league in the early eighties, but the major historical period in the history of this club came in the nineties of the last century, where Al-Arabi club won the league title 5 times between 1990 and 1997 to raise the number of titles in the Qatar Stars League to 7 titles.

Al Gharafa

Despite winning the title on two occasions before, Al-Gharafa was not considered one of the top Qatari clubs in history until the start of the modern millennium, due to the great difference between it and Al-Sadd, Al-Rayyan and Al-Arabi clubs in the year 2000, but the revolution made by this The club in the modern millennium contributed to the rise in its shares significantly, and the club managed to win the title 5 times in the modern millennium, including a historical triple in successive years in 2008, 2009 and 2010, to equal through that in the number of Qatari league titles with Al Arabi Club with seven titles.

Al Duhail

Al Duhail SC was established in 2009, and it is a newborn club that was supposed to take a lot of time to make its own history, but what happened was more than a miracle. With the advent of 2011, Al Duhail Club managed to achieve the Qatar Stars League title for the first time in its history, and then began a period of unprecedented monopoly on the local Qatari football, where the club succeeded in achieving the Qatar Stars League title 7 times during 10 seasons! Al-Duhail club thus has the same number of titles achieved by Al-Arabi and Al-Gharafa, and is only one title away from Al-Rayyan, although its age is much shorter than these major clubs.

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FAQs About Qatar Stars League

Who is the club that has won the most Qatar Stars League title?

The club that has won the most Qatar Stars League title is Al Sadd, which has won the title 16 times.

How many times did Al Rayyan club win the Qatar Stars League title?

Al-Rayyan club has won the Qatar Stars League title 8 times, and is the second most successful club after Al-Sadd.

Who are the most prominent professionals in the history of the Qatar Stars League?

The Qatar Stars League witnessed the passage of many international stars who played in the Qatari club shirts, most notably Xavi Hernandez, Raul Gonzalez, Romario, Guardiola, Batistuta, Juninho and James Rodriguez.

Who is the historical top scorer in the Qatar Stars League?

The historical top scorer of the Qatar Stars League is the Qatari striker of Uruguayan origin, Sebastian Soria, who scored 191 goals and played for several Qatari clubs.

How can I follow the Qatar Stars League?

The Qatar Stars League is available on many local Qatari satellite stations, and you can follow its matches through them. In addition, Live Koora is one of the most important platforms through which you can follow the events of the Qatar League matches live and enjoy quick coverage of all the news and developments in this wonderful league.

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