Arnold hoping De Jong will headline Manchester United’s summer window

Manchester United’s chief executive appears to understand what the club needs but actions will speak louder than words’Tis that part of the season again. Not post season or pre season, or the festive slog through Boxing Day and beyond. Neither, too, the cool days of spring when the title race hots up. No, it is the season of Manchester United in the summer transfer market when domestic football’s favourite soap opera headlines the silly season and copious players are linked, targeted, lost, found, sold, signed and er … not signed.The last is already forming the narrative for some of Richard Arnold’s great 2022 Who Will United Land? show. This is the 52-year-old’s first window as the club’s chief executive and to listen and read the hysteria from pundits and supporters, he has to acquire Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi and the next Diego Maradona or his tenure will crash and burn before takeoff.

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