Bundesliga 1

Bundesliga 1

We cannot talk about the best major European leagues without mentioning the German Bundesliga, which is currently ranked third in the ranking of the best European leagues at the present time according to the European Football Association classification behind the English Premier League and the Spanish League. As for the historical term, the German Bundesliga clubs occupy fourth place in the ranking of clubs with the most Champions League titles ever, thanks to the Bavarian giant Bayern Munich, which is considered one of the most successful clubs in the history of the glorious European Championship.

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History of Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is one of the oldest European leagues at all, as it was launched for the first time at the beginning of the previous millennium, 120 years ago, specifically in 1902. The first versions of the German League competitions witnessed the crowning of some clubs that are not very well known at the present time, such as VFB Leipzig Union Berlin, Freiburg, Victoria 1898 and Karlsruhe, and the situation remained the same until 1914, when the Bundesliga competitions stopped due to the First World War.


With the return of the Bundesliga in the early twenties, the Nuremberg team managed to impose a period of absolute control over the Bundesliga competitions, and was able to win the league title 5 times during the twenties, becoming the largest team in Germany at that period.

The thirties witnessed a strong start for the Hertha Berlin team, which won the first two titles, before Bayern Munich announced its birth on the German football map and crowned the title in the following season, but the team that dominated the atmosphere in that decade was the Schalke team, which won the league title 5 times in the thirties. , Schalke was able to continue imposing its control until the Bundesliga stopped again in 1944.

The German Bundesliga returned to the spotlight in 1948, and during that period and the fifties, the Stuttgart and Kaiserslautern teams managed to win some league titles, before Borussia Dortmund managed to win their first title at the end of the fifties. The sixties did not witness many changes, as the competition remained strong between the teams and no team succeeded in imposing absolute control, but the sixties witnessed the crowning of Nuremberg with the last title in 1968.

The seventies of the last century witnessed a strong conflict between Bayern Munich and Borussia Monchengladbach, where the two teams dominated the league titles in that decade, at the end of which Monchengladbach outperformed Bayern by five titles against Bayern’s three, while Koln and Hamburg won the other two titles.

The eighties and nineties witnessed the imposition of Bayern Munich itself as the first giant of German football, as the Bavarian club managed to achieve the German Bundesliga title 10 times during 20 seasons, meaning that it monopolized 50% of the league championships during that period, leaving the other 50% to the rest of the teams, which was Most notably, Borussia Dortmund and Hamburg.

The real, unprecedented dominance in the history of the Bundesliga was imposed by Bayern Munich on Germany since the beginning of the modern millennium, which witnessed the Bavarian team winning the league title 17 times in 23 years! That is, he has lost the league only 6 times during the current century. Bayern Munich has achieved a record of winning the Bundesliga title for 10 consecutive seasons, starting from the 2012/2013 season to last season. Will Bayern continue to dominate the German League in the coming seasons? This is what we will answer in the coming years.

The most successful clubs in the Bundesliga

Over the course of its long history, the German Bundesliga witnessed many clubs crowned with the league title, and you may be surprised, dear reader, that many of them are unfamiliar to you. Over the 120 years of competition, 28 clubs managed to win the Bundesliga title at least once. It is known that Bayern Munich is the team that has won the most Bundesliga title, but do you know who are the 10 most successful Bundesliga clubs throughout its history? Here you find the answer.

1Bayern Muich32
3Borussia Dortmund8
Borussia Monchengladbach
Werder Bremen
Grotter Furth
VFB Leipzig
Hertha Berlin
Victoria 1898
Munich 1860
Eintracht Braunschweig
Eintracht Frankfurt
B F R Mannheim
Rapid Viena
Union Berlin
Holstein Kiel
Ranking of the most titled clubs in the Bundesliga

The players who participated in the most matches in the Bundesliga

Germany is one of the European countries that export great talents and immortal legends in European and world football. From Franz Beckenbauer to Gerd Muller to Lothar Matthaus and many other legends, many players have succeeded in playing many seasons with their clubs at the level of the league, and thus playing many matches in one of the strongest European leagues of all time. Who are the most participating players in the German Bundesliga matches? The following list holds the answer.

1Karl Heinz Korbel602
2Manfred Kaltz581
3Oliver Kahn557
4Klaus Fichtel552
5Mirko Votava546
6Klaus Fischer535
7Eike Immel534
8Willi Neuberger520
9Michel Lameck518
10Uli Stein512
Top 10 Most Participated Players in Bundesliga

Top goal scorers in the history of the German League

Headed by the legendary German striker Gerd Muller, the Bundesliga has witnessed throughout its long history the passing of many great strikers and scorers who were able to make history at the level of the Bundesliga and score many goals during the competitions of this league. The following list includes the best scorers in the history of the German League throughout its history.

1Gerd Muller365
2Robert Lewandowski312
3Klaus Fishcer268
4Jupp Heynckes220
5Manfred Burgsmuller213
6Claudio Pizzaro197
7Ulf Kirsten181
8Stefan Kuntz179
9Dieter Muller177
10Klaus Allofs177
Top 10 Goal-Scorers in Bundesliga

Best Bundesliga Clubs

28 clubs managed to win the German League title previously, as we mentioned, which is a very large number compared to the rest of the major European leagues, and this indicates that the Bundesliga includes many big clubs throughout its long history. In addition, the German Bundesliga clubs have won the Champions League 8 times, which is the fourth most European league that has managed to win the title behind the Spanish La Liga (19 titles), the English Premier League (14 titles) and the Italian Serie A (12 titles).

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is the historical champion of the German Bundesliga and the first giant at the level of German football in the continental forums as well. Bayern Munich succeeded in winning the Bundesliga title on 32 occasions, a record by which it is far from its closest rivals with 23 titles! Bayern Munich’s historical dominance came despite its relatively late appearance in German football, as Bayern’s first local titles came in the 1931/1932 season, more than 30 years after the start of the league!

Bayern Munich was not able to lead the Bundesliga clubs until 1987, when it won its tenth league title, beating Nuremberg, to begin a phase of absolute control over the atmosphere of competition in German football that continues to this day, translated into crowning the last 10 league titles. German!

At the European level, Bayern Munich is the only German club ranked among the elite clubs of the European continent at all, as the Bavarian club has won the European Championship title 6 times, and is the third most crowned champion with Liverpool, behind Real Madrid (14 titles) and any AC Milan (7 titles).

Bayern Munich succeeded during the seventies in achieving the Champions League title three times in a row, then returned in the current millennium and crowned the title three more times, the last of which was in the 2019/2020 season.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund

The second most successful German club ever and the third most winning team in the Bundesliga is Borussia Dortmund, which plays the role of the first competitor to Bayern Munich in recent years. And 2012 under the leadership of coach Jürgen Klopp and Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, who later moved to Bayern and made history with him.

Like Bayern Munich, Dortmund’s first appearance on the podium came late, even too late. Dortmund’s first crowning of the Bundesliga title came in the mid-fifties, more than 50 years after the start of the competition in German football. Dortmund have never dominated German football for a long period of time, but they have managed to maintain their elite squad for the past seven decades, earning them eight Bundesliga titles.

At the European level, Borussia Dortmund is the second most successful German club ever, as this team managed to win the Champions League once in 1997 under the leadership of the legend Lothar Matthaus, becoming one of three German clubs that managed to achieve the Champions League title. Dortmund reached the final of the biggest tournament on the European continent in 2013, but lost the final to rivals Bayern Munich 2-1.


Nuremberg is one of the well-known clubs in German football today, but it is almost an unfamiliar team for most fans of this league at the present time, because it plays in the second division due to the decline in the level and results of the team in recent years, but it is necessary to Dear reader, we have to introduce you to the second most crowned club in the Bundesliga at all!


Nuremberg is the club that imposed its dominance on German football in the twenties of the last century, and succeeded in winning the league title 5 times to top the list of clubs most crowned with the title in that period, a position that this ancient club maintained until the end of the eighties, when it ceded it to Bayern Munich, who Walk away by a large margin later. Nuremberg won the Bundesliga title 9 times, and the last title dates back to 1967, 55 years ago from now.

Nuremberg did not succeed in imposing itself on the European arena and failed to achieve any significant achievements at the level of the European Champions League, due to the fact that the flowering period of this club in the twenties of the last century came more than three decades before the establishment of the European Champions League.


Hamburg FC
Hamburg FC

It is unreasonable to talk about the best German clubs without mentioning the ancient Hamburg, the fifth most crowned club in the Bundesliga and the third German club to win the European Champions League alongside Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

Hamburg club managed to win the Bundesliga title 6 times, and its first crown goes back to 100 years ago, when it was crowned with the league title in the 1922/1923 season.

The most prosperous period for Hamburg is the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties of the last century, when the team managed between 1979 and 1983 to win the German Bundesliga title three times, which is half of the total number of titles achieved by the club in its history.

That historical period is also in which Hamburg managed to win the Champions League for the only time in its history, specifically in the 1981/1982 season.

Other clubs in Bundesliga

The Bundesliga clubs cannot be limited to the above-mentioned quartet, as there are many other clubs that are not mentioned and led by Schalke 04, the fourth most crowned Bundesliga title with 7 titles. In addition, there are many other popular clubs in Germany, led by Werder Bremen, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Stuttgart, Cologne, Kaiserslautern and other clubs that made history in the Bundesliga.

Conclusion – Bundesliga in Live Koora

Are you a fan of the German Bundesliga and want to stay close to the heart of its events? Do you want to get live coverage of all the events of the German Bundesliga matches with a review of the most important statistics and numbers? Do you want to know the results of the previous rounds, the dates of the upcoming rounds and the standings table? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, we are happy to tell you that Live koora is the right place for you, where you will find all that and more. Subscribe and enjoy the best live streaming.

FAQs About Bundesliga

Who is the club with the most titles in the Bundesliga?

The club with the most titles in the Bundesliga is Bayern Munich, which has won the title 32 times.

Who is the player most participating in the Bundesliga matches?

The player most participating in the German Bundesliga is the former Eintracht Frankfurt player Karl-Heinz Korbel, and he participated in 602 matches.

Who is the historical top scorer in the Bundesliga?

The historical top scorer in the Bundesliga is Bayern Munich legend Gerd Muller, and he managed to score 365 goals with the Bavarian in the league.

How many times did Borussia Dortmund win the German Bundesliga title?

Borussia Dortmund has won the German Bundesliga title eight times, and is the third most winning team after Bayern Munich (32) and Nuremberg (9).

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