Milan’s triumph of the collective finally casts off ‘Istanbul Syndrome’ | Nicky Bandini

There was no danger of a comeback at Sassuolo, no chance of history repeating. This is a different team in a different timeNobody could mistrust a 3-0 lead more than the Milan supporters who saw their team throw that scoreline away in the 2005 Champions League final. The scars of defeat to Liverpool never fully healed, not even after their team took revenge two years later. Fans self-diagnosed with “Istanbul Syndrome” to explain the foreboding they felt whenever their team found itself in a winning position thereafter.Fresh outbreaks were reported in the days leading up to Milan’s season-ending game away to Sassuolo. The Rossoneri needed just a point against mid-table opponents to seal their first Serie A title for 11 years. It all looked too easy, and therefore too much like a disaster waiting to happen.

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