Rob Page: ‘I’ve got friends in England that enjoy watching Wales play’

‘We’re not just going out there to make the numbers up,’ says the manager about his nation’s first World Cup finals since 1958When Rob Page announces his Wales squad for their first World Cup in 64 years on Wednesday, he will return to an old haunt for something of a trip down memory lane. Back to Tylorstown Miners’ Welfare Hall, the last surviving one in the Rhondda valley, which this week was home to a Welsh wrestling extravaganza and last month held a Tom Jones and Tina Turner tribute act.Page smiles when informed the comedian Owen Money will take centre stage a few days after him. “It was my old snooker hall,” he says. “Before I moved away at 16 [to play for Watford] I’d go in, not through the big doors in the middle but to the left, down into the cellar and there was a little cubby hole where you’d get your tray of balls. I was not exactly Ronnie O’Sullivan.”

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