Ronaldo: ‘The pressure pushed me ever further down. It has a cost’

Brazil’s goalscoring great on his highs and lows, why he wants Pep Guardiola to coach the seleção and what he thinks of NeymarNobody does it like Ronaldo. A couple of weeks ago, he says, a fan club sent him some stats. They had worked out that he had dribbled round the goalkeeper to score more than 90 times in his career, more than a fifth of his absurd goal catalogue. There is a gasp and not for the first time – not for the last, either – that smile flashes across his face and there’s a glint in his eye again. A man you could bet your house on, it’s just what he did over a career that took in three World Cup finals, two Ballons d’Or and more than 400 goals. Just don’t ask others to emulate him, even if you explain how. He knows – he has tried.Now the owner of Real Valladolid and Cruzeiro, Ronaldo explains: “With five minutes left in one my first games as Valladolid president, Keko Gontán was clean through one on one. Three metres out, desperate, he shot straight at the goalkeeper. After, I said: ‘Bloody hell, man, what did you do?! You could have gone round him. Anything but kicking it straight at him.’ He said: ‘It’s hard when you’re out there’.”

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