Ronaldo’s walkout marks final curtain on his waning power at Manchester United | Jamie Jackson

Player’s reaction to being left out of win over Spurs will bolster Erik ten Hag’s assessment that he is now peripheral to UnitedCristiano Ronaldo’s latest walkout on Manchester United marked two significant ends. The final curtain on supporters’ unconditional love for a pouting superstar who as an unused replacement could not stomach sticking around to celebrate a scintillating win over Tottenham. It is also the death knell of this 37-year-old superstar being a relevance – to Erik ten Hag and the United side he seeks to build.Both are connected. Fans witness the finest display of their team in recent memory and see a man who draws about £500,000 a week sulk because Scott McTominay, Christian Eriksen and Anthony Elanga were preferred when his manager made changes. They watch a footballer who enjoys unadulterated hero status due to his brilliance hurl it back in their faces by acting as if he can and should overshadow their club.

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