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The Italian League, nicknamed “Football Heaven”, is one of the strongest leagues in European football, and it has always witnessed periods of football boom during which Italian clubs dominated European football. In the eighties and nineties, playing in the Italian league – Serie A was considered the dream of any great footballer, and that is why it was called “Football Heaven”.

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History of Italian League – Serie A

The Italian league – Serie A was launched for the first time at the end of the nineteenth century, specifically in 1898, and the Genoa team succeeded in winning the first Italian league titles – Serie A and then dominating the competition in the first seven seasons, where it crowned the title six times and left one title For AC Milan.

Serie A
Serie A

The second decade of the twentieth century witnessed the emergence of the Pro Vercelli team, which was also able to win the Italian League title five times, before the competitions in the Italian League – Serie A were suspended due to reasons of World War I, and sports competitions did not return in the country until 1919.

The post-war period witnessed intense competition between Genoa and Pro Vercelli, who were considered the two most prominent teams in the Italian league during that period, but their control of the Italian League titles – Serie A ended in 1924, which gradually witnessed the beginning of drawing the true features of giants The real Italian league.

In the period between 1925 and 1935, the old lady club Juventus announced its strong arrival to compete for the Italian Serie A titles – Serie A continuously, and during those ten seasons, it succeeded in winning 6 titles. After 1935, the star of the Bologna team shone strongly and was able to crown the Italian League title 4 times until 1942, during which sports activity stopped due to World War II this time.

Sports activity stopped for two years only, then the Italian league returned in 1945, and with its return began the era of control of the second pole of the city of Turin, which is the Turin team that crowned the title 4 times in a row, knowing that it was the last champion in the season before the stop, to win five consecutive times. She still lives in the history of this club.

The fifties and sixties witnessed a great tripartite struggle between the clubs of Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan, who took turns to achieve the Italian League titles – Serie A during two decades, and many seasons did not escape from them, and there are virtually no big differences between them, but the differences began It appears in the seventies in a big way.

The seventies of the last century witnessed a significant decline in the level of Inter Milan and AC Milan in the Italian league – Serie A, while Juventus managed to maintain its stability and dominated Italian football for 15 seasons, during which it succeeded in crowning the Italian League title – Serie A 9 times, while Milan’s poles won only one title for each team during this period.

In the mid-eighties, Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona arrived in the Italian league – Serie A through the gate of the Napoli team, and succeeded in leading them during the 6 seasons in which he played for the team to crown two historic titles at the level of the Italian league – Serie A, in light of the presence of the league giants at the top of their level.

The nineties witnessed a fierce competition between Juventus and AC Milan, in light of the latter’s superiority, which managed to win the Italian League title – Serie A 5 times during that decade, compared to three for the old lady’s team, which ended the twentieth century as the most crowned team in the Italian League title – Serie A with 25 titles at the time!

The modern millennium in the Italian league – Serie A witnessed many famous and controversial events inside the stadium in light of the intense competition between clubs, and outside the stadium in the courts that toppled some of the big heads in Italian football, which emerged strongly in 2006 through the scandal of the famous Calciopoli case, On the basis of which Juventus was relegated to the second division, two titles were robbed and given to Inter Milan, which finished the first decade of this century, achieving 5 league titles.

Juventus returned to the Italian League – Serie A, all with a desire to repay the suffering, and actually succeeded in imposing historical control over the Italian League from 2012 to 2020, where the club was crowned with nine consecutive titles, a record that no team has ever reached on Italian league level.

The clubs with the most Serie A titles

It seems known to the majority that the historical champion of the Italian League is Juventus Turin, which imposed many periods of historical control over the competition in the Italian League, but what is the ranking of the clubs most crowned with the Italian League title – Serie A?

2AC Milan19
3Inter Milan19
7Pro Verceli7
13Hellas Verona1
The clubs with the most Serie A titles

The most participating players in Serie A history

Over the course of nearly 125 years of competition, the stadiums of the Italian League witnessed the birth of many stars and legends who took turns writing history in many different eras. As we have already mentioned, the Italian League is nicknamed “Football Heaven” because of the succession of great generations and great players in this league.

The major Italian clubs are distinguished by the presence of many immortal legends in the history of the clubs because of the giving and the long years they spend in the ranks of their clubs. Who is the player with the most matches in Serie A history? Find the answer in the list of the 10 most participating players in matches in the history of the Italian League:

1Gianluigi Buffon657
2Paolo Maldini647
3Fancesco Totti619
4Javier Zanetti615
5Gianluca Pagliuca592
6Dino Zoff570
7Pietro Vierchowod562
8Samir Handanovic552
9Roberto Mancini541
10Silvio Piola537
List of the 10 most played players in the history of the Italian League – Serie A

All-time top scorers in Serie A

The Football Paradise League witnessed the passage of the most prominent strikers in the world throughout the ages, as the stars were constantly trying to represent the Calcio clubs and compete with them to crown the most prominent local and continental titles. Many of these strikers who dominated history succeeded and entered the list of the best scorers in the history of the Italian league throughout the ages. Who is the all-time top scorer in Serie A – Serie A? Find out from the following list:

1Silvio Piola274
2Francesco Totti250
3Gunnar Nordahl225
4Giuseppe Meazza216
5Jose Altafini216
6Antonio Di Natale209
7Robeto Baggio205
8Kurt Hamrin190
9Alessandro Del Piero188
10Alberto Gillardino188
All-time top scorers in Serie A

Best Seria A Clubs

It may be thought that Juventus is the greatest Italian club ever when you look at the statistics of the Italian League – Serie A only, but these convictions may change dramatically if we look at the achievements of Italian clubs at the level of continental championships, and the Champions League in particular. Let’s get acquainted together with the most important Italian league clubs – Serie A and their achievements at the level of local football on the one hand and continental football on the other hand.



Juventus, nicknamed the “Old Lady” club, is the historical champion of the Italian League, as we mentioned previously, thanks to the 36 Serie A titles it won throughout its great history at the level of local competition. Juventus is also one of the most important Italian clubs in the European competition, but on the one hand it is the least fortunate team in the history of the Champions League.

Juventus managed to reach the Champions League final 9 times in its history, but lost 7 of them and did not succeed in winning the title only on two occasions, the last of which was in 1996. Since that title, Juventus has fought the Champions League final 5 times and lost all of them against Borussia Dortmund clubs, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively!

Despite this, Juventus is one of the three Italian clubs that succeeded in winning the Champions League title, and contributed two of the 12 titles achieved by Italian football at the level of the most glorified European Cups. So, who is the most successful Italian club in European competitions?

AC Milan

AC Milan
AC Milan

Despite lagging behind Juventus in the Italian League titles – Serie A, AC Milan succeeded in building its true history at the level of the Champions League, which the Lombardy club succeeded in winning the title 7 times, which is the most Italian team that won the title He is the most glorified of the European Cups and the second most overall winner of the title behind Real Madrid, which has 14 titles.

AC Milan succeeded in imposing a historical dominance at the level of European competitions from the mid-eighties to the mid-first decade of the modern millennium, and succeeded in achieving the title 6 times in 20 years, giving the club a special place at the level of the European Champions League.

AC Milan has been absent from the European scene since its last crown in 2007, but it is still the most successful Italian team with the strongest history in the continental championships. Milan’s historical achievements were associated with high-caliber coaches, starting with Erigo Sacchi, who started the historical revolution of Milan, and the team later passed through Fabio Capello and Carlo Ancelotti, and they all succeeded in winning the Champions League title with the team.

Inter Milan

The second club of the charming Milan city and the third pole of the Italian league clubs – Serie A, is the Italian club Inter Milan, which, thanks to the titles it achieved in the modern millennium in the Italian League – Serie A, succeeded in redressing the difference in local championships at the league level with its rival AC Milan, which is He is equal with him with 19 titles in the Italian League – Serie A, but the difference between the two poles of Milan lies at the level of the European Championship.

Inter Milan
Inter Milan

Inter Milan succeeded in achieving three Champions League titles, and it is superior to Juventus in this aspect, but it is behind Milan by four titles. Inter Milan is the last Italian team that succeeded in achieving the Champions League title, and this dates back to 2010 when Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho led the blue team to winning the title against Bayern Munich in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Inter Milan is the only club that has not lost sight of the Italian League – Serie A, as it has managed to remain in the first division teams since the start of the league for the first time in 1898 to this day, but it remains in light of the fact that Juventus is the historical champion at the level of the league. The Italian – Serie A, while the rival AC Milan is considered the master of Italian clubs at the level of European participation.

Other Serie A clubs

The Italian League – Serie A includes many other prominent clubs apart from the great trio, and perhaps the most prominent of these clubs is the Genoa team, which dominated the competition at the beginning of the Italian League – Serie A. It is also not possible to forget the Turin and Pro Vercelici clubs who won the Italian League title – Serie A times, and the clubs of Naples, Rome and Lazio, which were not lucky to win many titles, but managed to stay in the front ranks over the past few years.

Conclusion – Serie A in Live koora

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FAQs About Serie A

Who is the club with the most Serie A titles?

The club with the most titles in the Italian Serie A is Juventus, and it has won the Serie A title 36 times.

Who is the most capped player in Serie A?

The most participating player in the history of the Italian Serie A – Serie A is the former Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, and he played 657 matches in the Serie A competition.

Who is the all-time top scorer of Serie A?

The all-time top scorer of Serie A is the player Silvio Piola, and succeeded in scoring 274 goals in the Italian League with four different clubs, namely Pro Vercelli, Juventus, Lazio and Novara over the course of 25 years.

How many times AC Milan won the Italian league – Serie A?

AC Milan has won the Serie A 19 times, the last of which was last season 2021/2022.

How many times Inter Milan won the Italian League – Serie A?

Inter Milan won the same number of titles as rivals AC Milan at the level of the Italian league, with each of them winning the Serie A title 19 times.

How can I follow the Italian League – Serie A?

Serie A is a league that is not shown on any satellite channel in the Middle East, and therefore you cannot follow its events on TV. Live Koora is one of the best websites covering all the action related to the Italian Serie A.

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