World Cups take months to recover from – that could shape the season | Karen Carney

The schedule is unrelenting for elite men’s footballers but their challenge will be less physical than psychological after QatarThe schedule is relentless for the modern men’s footballer. They often need to be primed to play twice a week and matches are especially bunched this season because of the World Cup in Qatar. Helpfully, footballers are almost superhuman, built for the physical rigours of a high-tempo sport and backed by incredible science and coaching to keep them at their best.The science behind nutrition, fitness and medical treatment is helping footballers achieve their physical optimum. At the top level they are playing more games than ever. Going into the 2018 World Cup, 29 players had featured for more than 5,000 minutes in the previous 12 months, but almost three times as many did so in the year before the men’s Euros in 2021. Their bodies are capable of doing more and still being able to recover in a limited time frame.

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