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Iconic Football Moments Zidane Headbutts Marco Materazzi

29 Iconic Football Moments in History

One of the beauties of football is the unforgettable moments that are passed on from one generation to another. From illegitimate goals that were counted, to great farewells, to tragical incidents, on Live Koora website, you will know all about the 29 most Iconic Football Moments in History. Iconic Football Moments Maradona #1: Hand of…

Women's Football

The Rise of Women’s Football & Its Future

In previous times, whenever football is mentioned, people automatically assume that it is men’s football. Perhaps that itself was one of the biggest football controversies – the lack of recognition for women’s football. However, nowadays, Women’s Football is on the rise and it is gaining more popularity and viewership. But still, women still face many…

Football Fitness

The Importance of Football Fitness

Football fitness or in other words, being fit to play football is one of the most important things to take into consideration as a player. It is important not to forget football mental health of players as well though. There are many risks to not being Football fit and there are many advantages to being…

Managing A Football Team

The Challenges of Managing a Football Team

Managing a football team is no easy task, whether it is one of the best football teams in the world or small club, football managers face the same challenges, sure some are easier than others to deal with depending on the size and finances of the club but in general they are one and the…

افضل عشر دوريات في العالم

Top 10 Football Leagues In The World

Each country has its own Football league, some are locally famous, but others have gained continental and even worldwide followers. Today, Live Koora online will list the Top 10 Football Leagues that are the most famous and widely followed in the world. Top 10 Football Leagues: #10 MLS Major League Soccer or MLS, is the…

VAR in Football Premier League

The Role of VAR in Football

In almost all soccer competitions, there are three officials on the field, there is the main referee and 2 assistant referees who are the linesman/lines woman. The main referee oversees and enforces discipline regarding everything happening inside the pitch. The linesman or lineswoman help detect offsides and other foul play in case they were closer…

The Best Football Matches of All Time 1- Liverpool 3-3 AC Milan (3-2 on penalties) (2005)

The Best Football Matches of All Time

In football there are always ups and downs, winners and losers which gives it great excitement, especially when one team make a huge comeback and wins the trophy. With that said, Live Koora will tell you about the Best Football Matches of All Time. Yes, these games were not the only exciting ones in the…

20 of The Best Football Teams in The World

20 of The Best Football Teams in The World

The best football teams in the world are not necessarily big teams in major European Tournaments that most people follow. In this list, drafted by, you may see teams you have never heard of, but are simply the most successful ones in their country or continent. Most Successful Football Clubs In The World: 20)…

Biggest Football Stadium in the World

Biggest Football Stadium in the World

Big teams, overcrowded cities need big stadiums with the capacity to host thousands of cheering fans. Do you want to know which football stadiums have the biggest capacity? Read below the article by LiveKoora to see what are the top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World. Biggest Football Stadium in the World 10) Maracanã…

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